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Social Media Hacked

If you’ve lost control of your account, look no further! We’re here to detail every step you need to take in order to regain access to your account and prevent another social media hack from happening again in the future. Only you can make sure your data is secure!

While a small scale social media hack can include embarrassing social media posts, there has also been a huge increase in large-scale attacks which can lead to detrimental data loss and even identity theft!

If your social media account gets hacked, simply changing your password isn’t going to save you. Do you know the other steps you need to take to make sure the hacker hasn’t prepped your account for successive attacks? Here’s everything you need to know to keep hackers out indefinitely!

How Did My Account Get Hacked?

It’s important to understand exactly how a social media hack took place in order to prevent further attacks in the future. Here are the most common ways hackers access your account:

  • Malware on your device
  • The site itself being hacked
  • Your security software is out of date
  • You clicked a harmful link in an email, direct message or on a webpage
  • Weak or commonly used passwords
  • A third-party app that you’ve authorized being breached
How Do I Know if My Account Has Been Hacked?

Not everyone gets a direct message from their email or social media site stating that their account has been compromised. Therefore, you may not immediately know that anything is wrong with your account, especially if the attacker only makes small changes or sends periodic messages. Some common signs that you’ve been the victim of a social media hack are:

If there are ANY updates on your account that you didn’t post yourself If anyone tells you that they’ve received messages from your account that you didn’t send (occasionally check your sent messages)

New games or apps associated with your account (these can include purchases)

If you get a notification stating that you’ve made changes to your account

Any other actions on your account such as friending, following/unfollowing, blocking, etc.

What Are the Risks of a Social Media Hack?

Let’s say you get some messages from your friends saying that you’ve been sending a few sketchy messages. It’s likely that your computer isn’t just on the fritz, although that’s what we’d all like to believe. When you’re the victim of a social media hack, you have to consider the fact that this person has full access to your account.

Even if just one site gets hacked, your other accounts could be hacked as well.

Hackers don’t just gain access to your username and password. If you use that same password on other sites, they’re likely going to gain access to each of your other accounts as well. If you’re Facebook is linked to your Instagram, for example, that’s two accounts easily hacked! Similarly, if your Twitter is linked to your Instagram, then voilà! Full account access.

Let’s consider what information they may be able to gain from those accounts. Likely, your date of birth is on your Facebook, your personal emails are locked into these pages, your phone number is probably visible to the hacker, they can send messages to everyone in your contacts, etc. Keep in mind, this isn’t just embarrassing, but your contacts might even actually end up sending them money…

It’s more than just your passwords that are at risk. It’s not hard to imagine how this trend continues to accumulate, letting an attacker even carry out identity theft using your personal details. All of this can affect not just your reputation online (especially if you’re a business!) but also your finances.